Lighting brings a garden to life at night. It makes it lovely and romantic — and safe for moving around in the dark. Night garden lights are perfect for warm nights, barbecues and evening entertaining. You can use low volt lighting, LCDs, lighting on household current, or — easiest of all — solar lighting. Solar lights require no wires or fuss. They’ll light up in places where you can’t run electricity. And they’ll cost you nothing to run. The only problem is that they don’t last forever. Happily, repairing solar lights is usually very easy.
There isn’t a lot that will go wrong with outdoor solar lights. Either they simply become so old that the solar panels wear out or the batteries need replacing. In most cases repair is a quick fix with replacement batteries. Here is a little video showing how to repair these lights. Chances are your solar lamps are similar to the one shown here. Although designs for different lights and brands will vary, the concept remains the same. Adapt the repair to your own light fixtures and you should have your yard glowing as soon as the sun goes down. (Don’t forget that some new batteries will need at least a few hours of sun to charge.) Just make sure you use solar batteries. Regular batteries will not work. Also, check that you buy the right size. Sometimes the difference isn’t as obvious as with regular acid batteries.
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