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How to Deal with Pill Bugs

Pill bugs are a type of bug that dwell in gardens and can become a major problem if not f=dealt with immediately. If your garden is infested with these bugs, consider doing the following:

Use Organic Pill Bug Control

This is one of the most basic choices is food-grade diatomaceous earth. It is a fine powder that comes from diatoms’ shells. This destroys the soft lower side of the pill bugs. No need to worry since this is not harmful to humans or plants. You just need to spread it around your plant’s base so that they will not be able to cross.

If there is a lot that you see around your plants, there is a more extreme way to deal with them. You can use Monterey Garden Insect Spray which is a Spinosad spray. This can get rid of a lot of pill bugs.

Use of Environmental Methods

If you have tubes from toilet paper, you can put these around the seedlings. By doing this, you can stop the pill bugs from infiltrating these seedlings. Even though plastic cups with their bottom parts removed can work, toilet paper tubes do not break down.

If you have melons or other fruits growing, you can make a protective hammock out of an old shirt or cloth to protect the fruit.

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