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Aquaponics Books That Are Worth Reading

If you are planning to grow aquaponics, ensure to read these books:
Aquaponics Gardening by Sylvia Bernstein
This is a recently released aquaponics book. The author is The Aquaponics Source’s founder. It is an online portal that mainly focuses on aquaponics. If you want to learn the basics of aquaponics and a couple of tips, you can get this book. You might also see this in your library.
Aquaponic Design Plans by David H. Dudley
With 630 pages, this book might have all the things you need to know about hydroponics. You can learn how to design and build a hydroponics system…

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Plant Problems

The Benefits of Neem Oil in Gardening

Neem has a wide variety of sues both in the garden and other places. Some of these benefits include:
Many Pests Cannot Build Resistance Against Neem
Bugs could build resistance or be able to tolerate synthetic pesticides. There have been no reports that pests have been able to resist neem oil. Therefore, this can be an effective gardening solution.
Can Be Used in Various Ways
Neem oil can be utilized in many ways since it can kill pests and insects no matter what stage they are in their lifecycle. You can use it during winter, use it as a foliar spray or soak. If you can …

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Plant Problems

How to Deal with Pill Bugs

Pill bugs are a type of bug that dwell in gardens and can become a major problem if not f=dealt with immediately. If your garden is infested with these bugs, consider doing the following:
Use Organic Pill Bug Control
This is one of the most basic choices is food-grade diatomaceous earth. It is a fine powder that comes from diatoms’ shells. This destroys the soft lower side of the pill bugs. No need to worry since this is not harmful to humans or plants. You just need to spread it around your plant’s base so that they will not be able to cross.
If there is a lot that you see around your plants, …

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Ways to Quickly and Easily Fill a Tall Raised Garden Bed

Doing gardening with raised beds is preferable than in-ground bed because it allows you to easily control the soil. Plus, the soil will not be compacted, the bed will warm up easily and you will experience less weed. But how do you fill a tall-raised garden bed with ease. Here are some tips.
1. Decide the Purpose for the Garden Bed
Before doing anything, you need to think about the use of your garden bed. This is vital because there are plants that have shallower roots compared to other plants. Once you have determined the depth of the root for every container, you can choose the materials you are going to…

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