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Ways to Quickly and Easily Fill a Tall Raised Garden Bed

Doing gardening with raised beds is preferable than in-ground bed because it allows you to easily control the soil. Plus, the soil will not be compacted, the bed will warm up easily and you will experience less weed. But how do you fill a tall-raised garden bed with ease. Here are some tips.

1. Decide the Purpose for the Garden Bed

Before doing anything, you need to think about the use of your garden bed. This is vital because there are plants that have shallower roots compared to other plants. Once you have determined the depth of the root for every container, you can choose the materials you are going to fill it with. To give you a better idea, create a bed with 6 to inches of soil when you want to grow leafy greens.

2. Determine the Material Amount

You need to keep in mind that the taller your garden bed, the more materials you will need. Therefore, it can be challenging to fill a tall-raised garden bed.

3. Fill the Bottom

Because you will be using soil with good quality, the excess moisture from underneath the surface should be drained. It is not advised to use materials such as rocks on the bottom of the surface since it can cause poor drainage.

Therefore, for tall-raised garden beds, ensure to give attention to the drainage. As for the organic materials, you can use dry and old wood since they absorb moisture well.

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