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Great Mediterranean Herbs to Plant

Mediterranean herbs are popular in the world and are perfect to include in your herb garden. Originating from countries near the Mediterranean Sea, these herbs are easy to grow and extremely rewarding as they will add delicious flavor to your cooking. Here are some great Mediterranean herbs to consider for your herb garden.


Planting Greek oregano is recommended over fresh oregano. This is because Greek oregano becomes more flavorful once it is dried. Although fresh oregano is known as a staple in some dishes, the leaves of this herb need to be dried or dehydrated. This could result in the leaves getting powdered or crumbled. All in all, oregano is widely used to enhance the flavor of a lot of dishes. Besides, it is one of the most common herbs used by Americans.


Since rosemary has a strong flavor, it is used on different kinds of meat to give a sharp flavor to your dishes. Having a distinct smell, this is one of the most common and famous herbs that are planted at homes. Although a variety of parts of the herbs such as the slender and stems can be used to add flavor to dishes, the most common used part is the leaves. For the stems, you can use them as skewers if you plan to grill vegetables or meat.


Lavender is beautiful and fragrant flower that you can grow in your garden without much effort. You can harvest this plant during the period of May to July. When you harvest them, you just need to trim the lavender bundles and leave a little bit of their green growth. You just bundle the bottom part and hang to dry. When dry, you can cut off the flowers and use them in your pantry.

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