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Author: Angela Marquez


What You Need to Know About Growing Hydroponic Strawberries

Did you know that you could grow hydroponic strawberries at the comfort of your home? These delicious berries are grown without soil. Here is how:
Planting Strategy
You need to decide first if you are going to use seeds before you start growing your hydroponics strawberries. If you choose seeds, you probably need to wait for years before you can harvest. Therefore, this strategy is slower. If you want another option, you can purchase some young strawberry plants and place them in your hydroponics garden using soil that you want and net pots.
Light and Temperature
When you …

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Should You Get Kind LED?

Kind LED is an LED grow light business in the USA that produces different kind LED lights. It focuses on the premium aspect of the industry; therefore, the prices can be hefty. These company offers a mix of 3 and 5-watt diodes or 3-watt LED diodes with 12 bands of LED to justify their prices. Their products are also packed with many other features.
3w diodes power the K3 series line, and a mix of 3 and 5-watt diodes power the K5 series line. The lights can simulate sunlight and sunrise because of the integrated times and IR diodes. Because of these, the plants are stimulated to get up or sleep. There is also a remote control for …

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Effective Tips for Outdoor Hydroponics

Growing your hydroponics outside can save you a lot of time and effort since they eliminate the need for grow lights, humidifiers and air conditioning. Planting them outdoors allows them to grow faster, healthier. Below are some tips for growing outdoor hydroponics to give you maximum yields.
Place your Hydroponic Plants Under the Sun
Getting enough sunlight is one of the main benefits of having a hydroponics system outdoors. If you can, pick a spot that has exposure from the south so that your hydroponic plants are properly sheltered.
Use Cool Water
Since outdoor hydroponic…

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Things to Consider When Growing Artichokes in Your Garden

Artichokes are unopened flower buds that originated in the Mediterranean and are usually grown for decorative landscaping. Presently this vegetable is eaten on its own or incorporated in pizzas and soup. Before planting this delicious veggie, keep the following things in mind.
Sunlight and Temperature
Artichokes need sunlight to grow because they do not grow well when in shade. If you live in a hot area, it is best not to place your artichokes directly under the sunlight. 50 to 75 degrees F is the ideal temperature for them. They do not do well in frigid weather, so you better plant them not later than the …

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Aquaponics Books That Are Worth Reading

If you are planning to grow aquaponics, ensure to read these books:
Aquaponics Gardening by Sylvia Bernstein
This is a recently released aquaponics book. The author is The Aquaponics Source’s founder. It is an online portal that mainly focuses on aquaponics. If you want to learn the basics of aquaponics and a couple of tips, you can get this book. You might also see this in your library.
Aquaponic Design Plans by David H. Dudley
With 630 pages, this book might have all the things you need to know about hydroponics. You can learn how to design and build a hydroponics system…

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What You Need to Know About Aquaponics and Home Aquaponics System

To simplify, aquaponics is a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. The former means to grow plants without the use of soil, and the later means to farm fish. With these two combined, they perfectly complement each other in terms of food production.
Therefore, aquaponics is one of the most effective ways to produce food on Earth. It originates from South America and ancient China and has been around for years.
For hydroponics, normally, the main input is a nutrient solution. Aside from being expensive, you need to remove it from your hydroponics system regularly, like getting rid of waste from an aquaculture system. It …

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Plant Problems

The Benefits of Neem Oil in Gardening

Neem has a wide variety of sues both in the garden and other places. Some of these benefits include:
Many Pests Cannot Build Resistance Against Neem
Bugs could build resistance or be able to tolerate synthetic pesticides. There have been no reports that pests have been able to resist neem oil. Therefore, this can be an effective gardening solution.
Can Be Used in Various Ways
Neem oil can be utilized in many ways since it can kill pests and insects no matter what stage they are in their lifecycle. You can use it during winter, use it as a foliar spray or soak. If you can …

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Plant Problems

How to Deal with Pill Bugs

Pill bugs are a type of bug that dwell in gardens and can become a major problem if not f=dealt with immediately. If your garden is infested with these bugs, consider doing the following:
Use Organic Pill Bug Control
This is one of the most basic choices is food-grade diatomaceous earth. It is a fine powder that comes from diatoms’ shells. This destroys the soft lower side of the pill bugs. No need to worry since this is not harmful to humans or plants. You just need to spread it around your plant’s base so that they will not be able to cross.
If there is a lot that you see around your plants, …

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Great Mediterranean Herbs to Plant

Mediterranean herbs are popular in the world and are perfect to include in your herb garden. Originating from countries near the Mediterranean Sea, these herbs are easy to grow and extremely rewarding as they will add delicious flavor to your cooking. Here are some great Mediterranean herbs to consider for your herb garden.
Planting Greek oregano is recommended over fresh oregano. This is because Greek oregano becomes more flavorful once it is dried. Although fresh oregano is known as a staple in some dishes, the leaves of this herb need to be dried or dehydrated. This could result in the leaves …

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Plant Problems

How to Treat Anthracnose Problems

Anthracnose is a plant disease that causes spots and blights on leaves. This fungal disease is common, and it affects all types of vegetables and fruits. Luckily, there are various products in the market that can help combat Anthracnose.
Neem Oil
This method is all-purpose. Neem oil can stop the development of fungal disease on the surfaces of stems or leaves. This solution can also lessen the number of aphids and other garden pests. These can bring spores to your plants. Therefore, it is better to use it.
Serenade Garden
Like Neem Oil, this can stop the development of …

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