Our goal at The Garden Gates is to influence and teach millions of people around the globe how best to grow plants.

The Garden Gates was launched in 2017. What started as a hobby has reached millions of gardening enthusiasts and beginners in different countries worldwide over the years.

If you want to develop your green thumb, try growing your food, and deal with garden problems such as pests, and diseases, then The Garden Gates is for you.

We put science and plants together and make these concepts easy and interesting to our readers. We have created various planting projects such as our version of a hydroponic system. Many of our friends and family started to take notice and asked how we made these. They realized that there was more to planting. As a result, we became more inspired in creating content that will focus on these.

Our team at The Garden Gates comprises of gardening enthusiasts. We have different personalities, but planting is our common denominator.  According to the founder Timothy Bruce, he begun the company after realizing that there is not much information on how to grow and take care of plants. There was not much to find about ornamental and edible plants. Therefore, he decided to take the challenge of giving rich information about there.

The Editor-in-Chief, Newton Richards, The Garden Gates aims at helping people realize that growing plants and having a garden is not that difficult. It could be just that the information was not presented in a way that gardening and plants can be easily understood.

This is where The Garden Gates comes into play. We aim to give the highest-quality, most detailed, and most accurate gardening information online.

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