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The Benefits of Neem Oil in Gardening

Neem has a wide variety of sues both in the garden and other places. Some of these benefits include:

Many Pests Cannot Build Resistance Against Neem

Bugs could build resistance or be able to tolerate synthetic pesticides. There have been no reports that pests have been able to resist neem oil. Therefore, this can be an effective gardening solution.

Can Be Used in Various Ways

Neem oil can be utilized in many ways since it can kill pests and insects no matter what stage they are in their lifecycle. You can use it during winter, use it as a foliar spray or soak. If you can kill several pests such as mites, caterpillars, and aphids during winter, you can save yourself with a lot of problems. These pests are dormant, and they survive in cold weather, so it is a good idea to deal with them using neem oil.

Good for Houseplants

If you have children in your house, you can use neem oil for your indoor plants. You want to make sure of your children’s safety by not having insects or pests in your home. This solution works well in fighting these bugs. Therefore, you can spray it inside your house safely.

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