Landscape patio

Patios put garden space to good use

Adding a patio to your backyard can change an ordinary yard into an irresistible invitation spend time outdoors. You can design the outdoor patio in large or small areas. Most will be considered part of your hardscape as you will be using them as permanent features of your garden. Here are some ideas you might want to try when designing your outdoor patio.

If you have a small yard you can expand the useful space of your property like growing your home. Larger spaces are not limited to a single patio space. These features can be attached to the house, fastened to other structures or built to be completely free-standing.

Make your patio blend with the style of your house and garden. In fact, you can design your outdoor patio to accent character to your garden. One example might be building a patio cover out of giant bamboo canes or with a palm thatched patio cover to create a tropical theme. Or you might want to build your patio with a natural, inter-planted flagstone floor to accent a rustic or natural garden style. Another approach might be to use brick or stamp concrete with a brick design to echo brickwork on your house or to punch up an English garden theme. The materials and colors you use will help set the style and mood for your whole garden.

Patios don’t have to be of any particular shape or size either. Build your patio so it works both functionally and aesthetically. Often houses and property lines are rigid and angular. Gardens can help soften these hard edges, but adding curves to your patio can also help make your backyard garden design flow better. Patios can form islands in larger landscapes or even key off each other like overlapping geometrical shapes or free-form spaces – maybe even placed on different levels.  They can wrap around structures. Or double as utility, entertainment or child or pet enclosures. You can even use patios as events between pergolas or pathways; offering places for seating or hidden garden spaces. Or consider building patios as artistic and functional areas between staircases as they lead down a hillside.

Think of your patio as an opportunity to stop and enjoy a resting area. It can be designed with a shade cover, outfitted with furniture to become an outdoor room, or surfaced with decorative, designed concrete for an artistic pause in your landscape. Yes, patios are handy to have in the landscape, but they can also be a lot more!