An arbor in one kind of beautiful landscape

An arbor in one kind of beautiful landscape



What is a Beautiful Landscape?

“A beautiful landscape” can mean many different things to different people. For some, the only landscapes that will qualify require hundreds of thousands of dollars in elaborate construction.For others, the most beautiful landscape is the one nature created – with no sign of human intervention. For most, the concept is somewhere in between.

If you are building a landscape for your home – or for any building, the best choice is something that will not conflict with the design of the structure or that of the general surrounding area.A lake of emerald green grass surrounding an adobe styled house or pouring down the side of a scrub-textured chaparral creates visual discord. A wild English garden surrounding a formal building looses its charm and merely appears unkempt. A formal geometrical garden would look absurd surrounding a log cabin. This does not mean you can’t have a garden styled to your taste even if the house style you bought isn’t. It does mean that to make both beautiful, some thought has to go into making idea, taste and reality mesh.

You can create illusion of landscape styles even if you don’t have enough space or money to re-create you ideal. A “Beverly Hills” mansion landscape feel can be designed on a shoestring budget by creating miniature areas as focal points.

Do-it-yourself folks can save a lot of money. But since most people don’t have the knowledge or experience of professionals, it’s not a bad idea to spend considerable time doing research, or call in consultants for advice before diving into landscaping projects. Research and creative time is spent by the best professional landscape designers and architects.It does account for much of their billable time.Ideas do not pop into a creative’s head and drop onto the paper instantaneously. Also make sure you hire the right help for the right kind of expertise you need.

With the ‘globalizing’ of communications, generic plans have become popular and practical. Adapting a small number of basic designs to different layouts and plant environmental needs has created a whole industry that gives what appears to be a custom design at a less expensive price. If you are creating your own design, you need to allow yourself that time for thinking and researching. Then comes the adaptation of those ideas to the page format so you can delegate whatever you need to or work on the plan over time without forgetting important aspects.

Another point to consider about beauty, is that not everyone thinks the same plants are beautiful. I find some folks like a neat, contained plant to be beautiful whereas someone else finds the same look too stodgy and prefers a natural sprawl or wilder look. Colors are very personal. We probably start associating our feelings with different colors as early as in our pre-verbal childhood.Maybe we physically see colors differently depending on how our organic eyes and brains process the light waves. Who knows why we often prefer one color over another. And I don’t suppose it matters. But some people feel quite strongly in favor or against various flower or leaf colors.