Wall decor for the garden

Wall decor for the garden

You can make the plain surfaces of your hardscape into something ornamental and have fun doing it. Decorate your plain wood fences or block walls to add excitement and character to dull, flat surfaces.

Since most landscapes need the protection or division afforded by walls or fencing, you can either spend a lot of money to have decorative dividers, leave these major parts of your landscape bland and ordinary, or you can consider ornamentation.

Use wall décor to accent the style or theme of your garden. Colorful Mexican tiles set on a plain wall can enhance a Spanish Southwestern theme. Wrought iron plant hangers can decorate a flat wall and accentuate a Mediterranean styled garden. Or maybe your might want to hang some bamboo mats to turn a stucco wall into a tropical garden backdrop.

Painting a mural can be a great way to dress up a bland or fading wall. Paintings can add depth to a narrow garden, provide extra color when the plants are out of flower, or simply add fun to the landscape. You can also transform a plain wall into a rustic stone look, marbled textures, or an antique structure. Painting can also be used to enliven wooden fencing by adding bright colors or traditional colors.

Use plants to spice up a fence. Let climbers thread through a chain link fence and transform it from ugly to beautiful. Or rig up attractive containers with drip irrigation lines and set them on the top of block fencing to allow cascading flowers to topple down over the fence below.

Check out garden centers and home décor shops. Surf the internet and you are bound to find some irresistible pieces of wall décor. With a little imagination you can decorate your walls and make boring surfaces on walls and fences into assets to your landscape.