LED Walkway Lights

A string of LED lights lights this walkway

Walkways are places where people expect to be able to pass safely. They can offer utilitarian passage or they can take part of the landscape design offering space definition or a linear element. If you put a little thought into building your walkway right with decorative pavers and lighting so it is designed to be both useful and aesthetic, you can have the best of both worlds.

There are many different shapes and designs to pavers you can use in an outdoor passageway. Pavers can be set together to form all kinds of designs and even pictures. Using assembled cast block, natural stone or brick allows space for rain or irrigation water to filter between the pavers creating permeable paving. Permeable paving allows water to seep into the ground naturally rather than washing off and causing erosion. Placing pavers close together can form a surface safe even for high heeled shoes.

The space between the stone, block or brick can be filled with cement, sand, decomposed granite, gravel, low ground-cover plants or even non-tradtonal materials like ceramic beads, tumbled glass or any non-toxic fill that can withstand outdoor weather.

Then you can add lighting that not only allows for safe footing in the dark but can make your passageway into a piece of art. Lights can be embedded between or along the edges of the pavering material. You can have your lights hardwired or use low voltage, solar lights or even LEDs. Simple do-it-yourself lights can be bought and placed along the walkway. You can line a path or embed a strip of LED light-rope or set up interesting fixtures all along your walk.

There is no limit to the inventive effects you can use when desgning your walkway with pavers and lighting. Put your imagination to work. Then create a passageway that adds both beauty and practicality to your landscape.