recycled windows

Here’s a whole outdoor room filled with recycled materials. The walls are old windows.







Old windows can be difficult to throw away. They are dangerous for landfills and awkward to move. But there are better ways to use those unwanted windows. Here are some suggestions how you can use recycled windows to create a more beautiful and useful landscape.

  •  Integrate the windows into outdoor walls for a look-through effect.
  • Hang windows from an overhead beam to build an ‘invisible wall.
  • Use old windows to construct a glassed-in patio.
  • Construct a cold frame with old windows like a mini-greenhouse.
  • Create a fence or gateway with a single window that can be slid back and forth on a track. Be very careful with this design idea. It should only be used in an area where there is little or no possibility of breakage. Toughened or tempered glass is best to use. Covering the glass with a screen of metal or other material is a good idea to make the glass visible and to contain any pieces should the glass breakage.
  • Paint a used window with stained glass paint and hang it as an ornamental panel.

Always be careful when working with glass. Wear gloves and move carefully. All panels should be set in securely to frames and flimsy frames should be reinforced. Make sure any structure you build is easily seen (remember glass is supposed to be transparent!), and firmly attached to any and all supports.

Whether you are cleaning up your home or working on renovations, old windows can be bulky and awkward to handle. Use some of these suggestions to recycle windows creatively in your garden. You can turn trash into gold and make your landscape a work of art.

Can you come up with some ideas of your own to turn old windows into design elements rather than waste junk?