Canna Bulb Care & Transplant — powered by ehow
Cannas are showy plants that are easy to grow and propagate
The canna bulb plant is an unusually versatile choice for a decorative garden. It grows from a rhizome rather than a bulb, but the terms “bulb” and “rhizome” are often (erroneously)  used interchangeably. The rhizome is a long, adapted stem that has evolved into a storage form that serves as a home for dormancy. At the end of the growth season, when conditions are no longer ideal, the leaves, stems and flowers die down and the energy is retained in the elongated root-like rhizome. When spring comes and the weather is more inviting, large pink shoots form on the rhizome and the familiar canna plant shoots back into life.
Because the plant offers big, decorative leaves and very showy flowers, and because it grows and blooms for a long season, it can be an asset in many landscape designs. So if the plant grows a little too well in one spot, dividing the bulb (or rhizome) so you can have more of this wonderful plant can be a way to have cannas in other areas of the garden.
Check out the video above which will show you how to care for your canna lily plants and how to transplant them. There are tall and short varieties, plants with small or very large leaves in greens, dark reds and some patterned and splashed with colors, and flowers in white, pink, red, orange or speckled bicolors. They are tolerant of dry soils and can stand so much water you can even pot them up as bog plants for a pond. Easy to care for — handling sun or dappled shade — these bold plants have a lot to offer. So when they offer a chance to divide them into more plants, or even just need to be transplanted to a different area, the canna bulb plant is a welcome resident in the flower garden.
Although it is a tropical plant and cannot survive hard frosts, you can dig these roots easily and keep them in a dry, dark place free of frost over the winter. Then they can be replanted — in the same way they are transplanted — to show off in the coming season.