Concrete landscape decor

Precast planters, fountains and sculptures can decorate the garden.

Cement is a very useful material to use in the landscape. Heavy enough that winds won’t blow it over, resistant to rain and versatile enough that it can be textured and colored to take on a lot of different effects, concrete is ideal for precast planters in the garden. Cement is also slow to conduct temperature changes so it s a good material to use for container gardening since roots are less vulnerable to temperature changes than they would be in a thinner ceramic or plastic pot. If you shop around, you can find all sorts of sizes, shapes and styles to go with any landscape design.

If you want to grow living plants in your precast planter make sure you provide for good drainage. Not only is it important to add a layer of gravel or crocking at the bottom but you should make sure there are drainage holes to keep water from building up and rotting the roots of any plant growing there.

Designing with precast planters is easy. Because of their solidity, you can arrange long planters as low walls, dividers ore even edgings. Rounded containers can help define the edge of a step or a corner making a decorative statement while making passage safer. Mix several precast pots of the same style but different sizes to create an attractive container garden. Or line up small precast concrete troughs along the top edge of a block wall and plant trailing plants to cascade down the wall.

There are many companies producing different styles of precast planters you can use in the garden – or even indoors in an office or the house. Look through catalogs, check out garden centers and decorating shops, and surf the internet. You will find planters that will punch up a Tuscan, Southwestern, contemporary or other landscape theme. Some precast designs are showy enough use as focal points in the garden. Use textures and colors in precast planters to perk up the color design scheme of your landscape and to coordinate with your outdoor furniture, fabrics and plant designs. Using a good quality containers can add the final touch that makes your successful landscape design into something really special.