tropical water lily

Koi and tropical water lily

Jane’s pond

Pond meditation
Take a moment to relax. I’m playing a little flute as the fish meander around my pond.
After spending months excavating, building, and planting my garden pond (no kits involved), it has settled into its own little environment through the years. So I’m taking the time to record the results of my combined efforts in water gardening with the amazing evolution contributed by Mother Nature. Together we seem to have created a piece of art.
With all the pressures of work and finances, I found the best way for me to unwind was to go into my garden and watch the fish leisurely glide through the water. The peace of the water lilies and the gentle green surroundings of bog plants would help empty my mind of worries and I could drain out all that build up pressure that clogged the joy of being alive.

I decided I should perch my camera onto the bridge I built over the pond and tape this little gift of peace from nature so others could enjoy it. The question was, what do I do for music? I didn’t want to use songs or music that would trigger associations or memories, so I figured making up a little tune on my flute that just meandered — like the fish — in no particular direction, would be fitting.
I hadn’t touched my flute literally for decades. But I figured the idea was worth a try. So I dusted off my flute to see if I could still make any sounds with it. It has been many decades since I pranced around in pubs and doing concerts singing and playing in harmony rock bands. But much to my surprise, after a bit of puffing and finger-wriggling, much of the feel for playing the flute began to return. I can’t say I have reclaimed even a small portion of the comfort I used to feel with the instrument, but I found enough to at least make up some little melody lines — enough to add the sound track I wanted for a mini pond meditation.
So here is the video I came up with. It was fun to do and it may not be to everyone’s taste.  It certainly isn’t polished or fancy, but it’s a nice way to take a little break from everyday pressures. I hope you can relax with it and use it as a short substitution for an expensive and time-consuming trip to the therapist! Feel free to bookmark this page and return any time you need the gentle relaxation of watching absolutely nothing exciting happening.