flowering acacia

Clusters of fuzzy yellow flowers bloom on the Acacia redolens in late winter or early spring.



Acacias are attractive trees and shrubs that are mostly native to Australia. The low-growing shrub, Acacia redolens, has become an ideal ground-cover plant for open spaces in hot-summer climates. The Acacia redolens is not only an attractive evergreen that covers itself with hundreds of fuzzy little flowers in late winter or early spring, but it is a perfect shrub for covering large areas since it can easily spread twelve feet in diameter while reaching only two to four feet in height.These same attributes make it ideal for hillsides where fewer plants with a larger spread will make maintenance easier.

An early bloomer, branches studded with tiny little yellow puff-like flowers that will turn the whole plant into a mounding carpet of soft color. Other times of the year the leaves will stay green. This plant accepts dry, fast-draining, poor soil and is a fine choice for wildfire resistant landscaping, particularly the A.‘Low Boy’ and A.‘Desert Carpet’ varieties, with their low profile habit of growth. It can take hot desert-like sun and requires remarkably low water. As a result, this Acacia is becoming a popular choice for carpeting hillsides in California and other inland, dry-summer climates.Acacia redolens on hillside

The yellow-flowering Acacia redolens ‘Low Boy’ blends with green to make a decorative patchwork effect on this hillside.