New plant pots made of barley fiber

Look what’s new in gardening eco-friendly gardening.  One of the good things that is coming out of the recession is a deeper awareness of ecological products and the development of new green products. As a result two new types of biodegradable pots are being introduced into the retail market this year. These plant containers make it easy to recycle. You can do it right in your own garden.

New styled pots with long vents are made of barley and are firm and solid. When you buy your plants in these ecologically friendly pots you can plant the whole plant in your garden – pot and all. These new easy-to-recycle plant containers are not flimsy like peat pots yet will dissolve into the soil leaving behind nothing but addend nourishment for the plant.

Oat pots are also new on the scene. These pots look like smooth green plastic yet are made from oat fibers. These pots should not be planted directly in the ground, but will nevertheless break down completely when tossed into the compost pile. No need to seek out some outside source to recycle these plant containers.

Buying your plants in these new eco-friendly pots will help cut down on the air pollution created in the production of all the plastic and vinyl pots that have been used in the past. And instead of adding more refuse to our trash heaps, you can simply melt your pots back into the soil as a form of nutrition instead. So look for these new, easy-to-recycle plant containers when shopping this year and next. We should be seeing more and more of these Eco-friendly pots coming to garden centers in the future.