handy potting scoop

Look. A scoop-trowel hybrid for potting up plants!

If you pot up a lot of plants you probably know how awkward it can be just getting soil from the bag into the pot. If you have a new bag to open, you’ve probably got your gloves on and nothing sharp on hand to tear through that stretchy, resistant plastic. Then, once you’ve dealt with the bag, there’s the challenge of removing the soil or compost without spilling it all over the place. You can try balancing soil on a trowel as it spills back into the bag or scatters before you get it to the pot — or you can get those gloves again and grab it by the fistful. You’ll now be ready to start potting — assuming you aren’t trying to RE-pot plants stuck in old, stiff soil that needs to be scooped out first.

If any of this sounds familiar, you might be wondering why isn’t there a tool to make all this easier? Well, there is. It’s a unique cross between a garden scoop and a trowel designed by gardening expert Shawna Coronado and produced by Dewit Tools.

The half-round scoop is big and holds ample soil if you are digging it out of a bag. A notch just under the handle on the hand-forged carbon steel curved blade allows for cutting through resilient plastic bags. A non-slip wooden handle is firmly attached and offers a solid grip on the half-can-shaped trowel that not only holds impressively large scoopfuls of bagged material, but cuts nicely into the hardened soil of an existing planted container when it is necessary to remove the hardened or root fiber-filled old soil.

I have been using this new tool for about six months and it has simplified the job of potting considerably. To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing like it available in stores. And if you are an enthusiastic gardener like I am, the addition of any tool that makes the job of potting and repotting easier is very welcome. I would recommend adding this tool to the arsenal for any gardener who enjoys making potting easier.

You can find this handy new tool at: http://www.gardentoolcompany.com/potting-scoop-by-dewit/