Indigo tomato plant

My experimental grafted ‘Indigo Rose’ tomato plant is thriving with Authentic Haven Brand tea.

Wandering down the rows of products for plant growth can leave you dizzy at retail garden centers or home stores. It seems there are a million brands that all claim to perform magic and make all your plants grow into the picture-perfect photos on the packages. If you read the ingredients, you are likely to find most of them unpronounceable. So what are you really pouring over your plants and into the soil? If you plant to eat those plants, what are you ingesting yourself?

Despite all the promises of magic — that will set your budget back a pretty penny — have you seen your plants thrive wonderfully or are you just using plant foods because you think you should? Have you ever considered that plants grew and thrived in gardens long before huge commercial companies offered mass product sales? Moo poo tea really got me thinking.

After talking with Annie Haven who produces these charming little packages of dried manure called ‘Moo Poo Tea’, I may never again lug back a commercial jug, package, bag or box of chemicals again. Annie is the expert behind Authentic Haven Brand manure tea. She explained in depth what a difference it can make to what comes out of a cow depending on what goes in. Who knew? Who ever wanted to know? Yet how dangerous chemicals are passed down the line from treated plants to treated feed to compromised cow pats, to corrupted soil and water and round again into new plants that carry these original toxic chemicals — and into our food and water, well it makes you think twice about participating in this cycle.

There was a time when this country was fed tasty, healthy food crops all raised on nothing but the natural manure from healthy-fed stock animals. So what was the point in changing all of this? Is anything growing better with the processed plant foods? Healthier? Cheeper? Easier? Quite the contrary.

 After trying this natural feed on my plants — flowers and edibles alike — it seems to me that things are thriving better than before. Plus, I know I’m only continuing on with nature’s plan rather than forsaking the logical to patronize the profits of capitalism. If you watch my little video, you’ll see that feeding plants with this all natural tea (and Annie takes care that what goes into her cattle is as clean as what comes out!) is as easy — if not easier — than using any of the mass produced chemical products gardeners have been using.

When you think about it, why would you feed your plants anything else? Nature came up with a great plan for nourishing plant growth and it has worked fine for centuries. Haven Brand has made the process of application simple and removed any messiness from it. I’m sold. You might want to try it out, too. You can order the tea on my site under ‘Books and Products’, go to the Authentic Haven Brand site, or search out other venders on the Internet.