Miniature outdoor furniture in copper

Copper furniture for a miniature garden: miniature garden design by Janit Calvo

Now you don’t need to devote long hours of your time to have an impressive garden with all the features you’ve dreamed of. Nor do you need yard space. The hottest trend in gardening is miniature gardens. These are gardens you create in a container that allow you to create any style, effects or add any structures you want without spending a lot of money or requiring high maintenance.

Gardening in miniature is not a new concept. Small gardens have been designed and planted for centuries both indoors and out. One favorite has been the train garden. It’s been a favorite for collectors of train sets for decades. Whole backyards can be devoted to taking the train traveling on its tracks through miles of varied terrains created in miniature in the limits of a single backyard.

Now you can find miniature gardens and accessories in kits and in garden and craft stores. You can create your own from scratch or take advantage of a kit to put together without all the searching, shopping and trial and error.

Miniature gardens offer you an opportunity to use small-leaved, low-growing plants to mimic their larger cousins and plan them out with stone ‘boulders’, tiny fences, walkways, houses and other structures. Mosses make fine lawns and small pruned plants can echo little tree forms.

These gardens are limited only by your imagination. You can choose themes like cottage gardens, Japanese gardens, Southwest designs or build your own reality – like a fairy garden or an ‘otherworldly’ garden. You can create your ideal miniature vacation land. Or go artistic and make a design or pattern with miniatures. You can even build a futuristic or ‘outer space’ alien garden by recycling little objects and selecting unusual tiny plants like tiny bromeliads, succulents or orchids.

Have fun. Introduce yourself into the world of miniature gardening!