Mediterranean landscape

Mediterranean styled entry garden

Designing with a theme creates a painting out of your garden. Here are some Mediterranean landscape design tips that might help you turn your outdoor space into your own version of the Mediterranean.

Choose drought-tolerant Mediterranean type plants like fan palms, rosemary, lavender, bougainvillea, sunflowers, sages and mix them up with some of your favorite native plants to create an easy care, eco-friendly garden with a European flair. If you want to save water and have an eye-catching landscape, a Mediterranean garden is a perfect way to replace your lawn.

Design in areas that create the feel of the Mediterranean locale you want to create, like Tuscany, Greece, a Roman look, a Spanish design or another Mediterranean feel and blend them with the layout of your own property.

Incorporate hardscape features that will define your landscape. Consider using stucco arches, sculptures of classical statues, lion head fountains, stone stairways, trellises covered with climbing vines and other characteristic elements that create the look of a Mediterranean garden.

Use décor. Containers in sunny colors or terracotta that paint an Old World picture, brightly flowered fabrics for cushions, or wrought iron trellises are just some choices that will set the mood.

Put together the elements of permanent features, décor and plants and you can create your own Mediterranean vacation-land without having to leave home. Add some of these tips for Mediterranean landscape design to the basics of your space and blend them so they flow with the layout of your own property. You can make an effective Mediterranean garden and keep your costs down by incorporating any existing structures, rocks, trees or other major features that would be expensive to change. A good designer can help you make the most out of any shape or contour of land. Using a theme like a Mediterranean garden can help you disguise unwanted views and add wow to the rest of your landscape. By mixing in native plantings you can make this style of garden easy to maintain and eco-friendly as well as beautiful.