sample galss

A sample box of glass colors


Landscapes are more than just a gathering of plants. A well designed garden offers beautiful and comfortable living space. But there is no one definition of ‘beautiful and comfortable’. It depends on the people who are living in that space. Using interesting materials can fit into a lot of different attractive looks as well as diverse lifestyles. You can landscape with tumbled glass for some wonderful effects.

Permeable paving is popular because it allows water to penetrate flat areas without causing erosion or ugly damage. Using decorative materials for that kind of paving makes a practical solution into something ornamental and unusual. These materials can offer color and texture, too. Glass adds the element of reflectivity and glow as well as a range of color to suit every situation.

permanent mulch

Stone and glass can offer a wide range of effects for mulching or paving.

Tumbled glass can be used as all one color or mixed to create blends, rainbows, patterns or pictures. Used in a flat open area it can form a glistening carpet of color or be divided to fill in outlines. It can also be used in small spaces. Some ways to use glass is as mulch in containers. Another common use is for fire pits.

Tumbled glass designs can be blended with other building materials. Mixed into concrete, glass pieces can be surfaced to provide glowing top surfaces for walkways, driveways and counter tops.

Use glass to paint single colors, blend or partition it into sections to create designs like mosaics that fill in picture areas like coloring between the lines of a coloring book. You can even achieve shading or rounded effects by using lighter and darker edges the way you would if you were drawing or painting.


recycled garden

A colorful garden of up-cycled materials including blue tumbled glass

Much of the glass used these days is recycled. It’s a great way to put old materials to work artistically. Some companies that offer recycled glass counter tops and other specialized items even include a history of the glass that was used.

The transparency of glass offers a whole world of possibilities in lighting. Think in terms of how the sunlight will reflect or filter through. Back-lite colored glass or shine light from below. Angled lighting will catch surface glow leaving deeper tones beneath.

To be safe, make sure your glass has no sharp edges. You can even buy a tumbler and make your own.

There is a whole world of magic you can create with color and reflection using recycled glass in your landscape. Best of all, it is low maintenance, never needs watering and turns waste glass into a beautiful artistic statement in your garden. Where can you use tumbled glass in your own landscape?

Frosted clear glwass in the garden

Create a garden world with tumbled glass. This is frosted clear.