Jane’s How-to Garden Videos

Here is a selection of Jane’s how-to videos for the garden

On this page you will see a number of how-to garden videos shot by myself, with others and for eHow.com. I hope to expand it further in the future so you can find as many subjects as I have on my article pages. You can also have me speak at your gardening event where I will offer a full presentation. Contact me through the contact page on this site, or find more information on my seminars on www.greatgardenspeakers.com.


Planting bulbs: How bulbs are made

Jane discusses how flowering bulbs have a place in your landscape–how they grow and what is the best way to care for them. They are excellent performers for a showy garden and if properly planted, can be some of the showiest performers in the garden.


Moo Poo Tea!

Jane discusses the wonders of ‘Moo Poo Tea’. If you want a perfectly natural way to feed all your plants, check out this safe, easy-to-use product that has enriched gardens for centuries. You can order the tea directly from us on our Products and Books page. Just start the order and the shopping page will appear in the upper right hand corner of the page.


How do I fix up a dreary garden?

Ideas to add interest to your existing garden are presented here. You can make your yard into something special whether you have a large or small budget.


Propagating cactus

Turn one cactus into many – Jane shows us how to expand our cactus collection. This is a simple hands-on tutorial for cactus propagation.


Repairing solar lights

Some simple tips to extend the life of your solar landscape lights can make sure your garden glows safely and beautifully after dark.


Building a path with stepping stones

Jane teaches us how to make a path using stepping stones. There are many materials that you can use to create this kind of path. Read more information in some of the written articles like Pavers, Stepping Stones, Cast Concrete or Flagstone.


Pond meditation

Take a moment to relax. I’m playing a little flute as the fish meander around my pond. You can tune in here any time you’d like to take a stress break from a busy day.


A bit about re-potting pond plants

Even pond plants can be grown in pots – Jane shows us what to do when they have grown too large for the container


Taking care of pond plants

Even pond plants require maintenance – Jane give us some simple tips


Dealing with a broken pop-up sprinkler head

A broken pop-up sprinkler head is one of many things in the landscape that are easy to repair – Jane tells us why


Gardening with the Agave

Need a drought tolerant plant – the agave is an excellent choice


What to do with pet waste from your four-legged canine pals

Even your pets can ‘contribute’ to the garden


Designing areas that have no water available

Alternative materials to place in your garden if there is no water available to support plants.


Transplanting a Canna bulb plant

Watch Jane as she works to transplant a Canna plant


A few Mediterranean plants for the drought-tolerant garden

Need a drought-tolerant garden – try plants that fit into a Mediterranean style. Jane has some examples


Ornamental grasses in the garden…

Sometimes a little grass – ornamental grass – is needed to liven up your garden

I hope you enjoy these videos. I hope to continue to add more how-to videos in the future.