Mirror and vine wall

Try looking back on the garden or into a structure with a mirror view. This one is framed with textural vines.

If you want to do something a little different in your garden try altering your vision. A landscape design is really a three dimensional painting with living and non-living materials. Just like fine art can show you views of the ordinary that are more creative, you can design ways to look at your garden that make you into a landscape artist.

Garden view

The view you see from your home changes the whole ambiance of the room.

One way to make your landscape special is by looking through shapes. When you design your garden remember you will be looking at it from both inside and out. The view from inside your home will create a frame for the picture of your garden.

Inside the garden you can use walls to make more framed art work. Add holes to windows to look through, to let in light, to create textures, or to define the edges of the view you are observing. Or put up a partial wall to direct attention to a specific area. It’s up to you to define areas to your own taste as beautiful landscapes.

Privacy view

Capture a view through a wall.

Structures can frame views making them either a window through which you look or by blocking out views you find distracting to the image you want to create. Some structures that can surround the picture you are enclosing are archways, arbors, hanging windows or doors that focus the view, or grille work that makes a pattern over the scene in front.


This arch welcomes you into a private garden

Frame an area with seating — chairs, couches, or a hammock. Trim the edges of a view with tall trees or shrubs or use big pots or other decor.

No matter whether you look through an opaque surface or use the surface as edging around the visible area of your garden, you can define the size and shape of the picture viewers will see.

Garden view

Doorways open a vista of their own