Add excitement to a dull landscape
If you drive around your neighborhood how many really interesting landscapes do you see? Sometimes people start out with good intentions and plant their yards only to forget about maintaining them. Sometimes people inherit messy landscapes and can’t face all the work of cleaning them up. Home owners can even spend a lot of time and money to do a nice garden but don’t know how to keep it looking good.
What does your backyard look like? Is it a hodgepodge of bits and pieces? Is it overgrown? Is it empty or full of items you just left there for want of a better place to put them? Do you ever dream of how your outdoor space could become a beautiful and useful extension of your home and living space?
You can fix up a dreary garden and turn your yard — front or back — into a place you can enjoy using and showing off. It doesn’t have to cost a lot in time or effort. It does require you stop and think about how you want to use your outdoor space. Write down what you want from your garden. Then sketch out how you’d like it to fit together.
Check out this video for some suggestions on how you can transform that yard into something special — and do it so it fits into a realistic budget. Think about it. Most home owners pay a hefty fee in taxes for the land that accommodates the house. Why not put it to work? Using simple materials you can build gardens, walkways, vegetable patches and play areas. For a little more you can add a fountain, a pet pen, raised gardens. And if you can afford it, add a swimming pool, a sport court, a pond or an outdoor room.  Use recycled materials to save money and rescue reduce-price plants. There are plenty of ways to revamp a boring yard. How will you fix up a dreary garden of your own?