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Smart landscape irrigation class in Santa Clarita

The California state program, “20% by 2020” has been formed to help reduce water consumption within the state by twenty percent by the year 2020. As part of that program the Castaic Lake Water Agency in Santa Clarita has been offering courses that not only educate landscapers in ‘smart’ controllers  but includes free weather based irrigation controllers for home use. The program has been so successful for SCV businesses that it has now expanded its scope to include homeowners, too. As a result, you can get a free smart irrigation controller – worth hundreds of dollars – to provide more efficient watering for your own landscape.

Smart irrigation controller

The workings of a weather based irrigation controller

Smart irrigation controllers come with sensors that adjust watering daily to the weather conditions in each individual landscape. These controllers are very similar to those most people already use but will override their programmed instructions if soil does not need irrigation due to rain, clouds or cooler temperatures. The result is that your plants will get all the water they need without any wasted over-watering. And you don’t have to baby-sit your controller, turning it on and off or adjusting timers whenever the weather changes. You can even program to consider longer or shorter days, different valve settings, or to over-ride settings for a temporary manual test or adjustment.

The two to three hour class, conducted by Rene Emeterio at the Rio Vista Water Treatment Plant and Conservatory Garden off of Bouquet Canyon Road in Santa Clarita takes you through all the directions for installing and setting up the programming for your free controller. The program is for residential use only and you must live within the Castaic Lake Water Agency service area . To qualify you need follow three simple steps:

  • Take the class
  • Install your timer over the next thirty days
  • Have Rene will come out and inspect your installation job

The class also offers suggestions on how to save water indoors and landscaping tips on creating a more successful and efficient drought-tolerant design outdoors for our environment in the SCV area. Add your new smart irrigation controller and you are ready to cut your water consumption – and bill – radically.

Since seventy percent of the average household water use goes into outdoor use and roughly one third of that water is wasted with unused run-off, the smart controller will not only save you money, but will be helping save one of our most precious natural resources. In this inland chaparral environment where summers are some of the hottest and driest in Los Angeles, getting a free weather based irrigation controller complete with directions for installation and programming is a give-away you shouldn’t miss. You will make your life easier, save time, maintenance, money, and water while you help your local environment. Now that’s a good deal!

Course in irrigation

Learning how to program a weather based timer

For more information you can call the Castaic Lake Water Agency at 661 297-1600, Rene Emeterio at 877 242-2262, or email remeterio@slmlandscape.com