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Hyacinth blooms

Blue and white hyacinths welcome spring at the NWFGS

When I was young, I remember my mother wandering around the house burbling “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the flowers is”. Well, spring is springing and the grass is rising. Some gardens across the country are budding out with flower color. But do you know where the best flowers can be found? Check out the flower and garden shows. These are blossoming all over the country in late winter and early spring. There are local shows and big national shows. If you want to get your imagination revved up for the spring, this is where to get the very best ideas for what you can grow and how to grow it in your own garden.

NWFGS contemporary patio

A contemporary patio design



I had the honor of doing a couple of seminars at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show — the third largest show in the world — at the end of February. The demo gardens were breath-taking. (Those are the photos I’m including in this article.) There were hundreds of booths with products and information brimming into the labyrinth of isles. And, yes, there were plenty of bargains to be found, too. You could find art for garden or walls, rare and fun plants, imaginative decor and furniture, the latest in ecological garden innovations, and a plethora of handy tools, foods and other items to make your garden thrive. Most of all there was an endless stream of information about anything you could ever want to know about gardening and landscaping. And creative ideas galore.

seating design at NWFGS

Let’s get artsy

I know the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show is coming up at the San Mateo Event Center on March 20th – 24th, and the Southern California Spring Flower and Garden Show at the South Coast Plaza in Orange County on April 25th to 28th. (Okay, admittedly I’m speaking at these, too.) There are also shows large and small in the East, the Midwest and all over the country this spring. If you really want to know how ‘You Can Grow That’ and spend a delightful day wandering through a magical world of all the garden can offer, check out the flower and garden shows in your area. Most are well publicized and all can be found quickly online.

tulips at the NWFGS

Colorful species tulips

If you love gardening, you simply can’t miss checking out whatever shows are in your area. Chances are you’ll have a fun-filled day and leave with an armful of plants, trinkets and treasures and a head brimming with new ideas for your home garden.

artistic patio design

A bit of sunshine in this garden design