new garden flower

This new intergeneric foxglove hybrid is about as showy as a blooming plant can get.


Every now and again an irresistible new garden plant comes on the market. The Digiplexis Illumination is one of these plants. It’s a colorful plant bred by Thompson & Morgan and introduced by plant developer Cultaris® at the Spring Trials in Southern California this year.

The Spring Trials are where growers come from all around the world to check out the latest plant offerings so they can order and produce them in large numbers for future distribution. Depending on how long it takes for propagation, the new introductions will be found in retail markets between six months to two years later when there is enough stock to sell.


The traditional foxglove parent adds pink and cream to the other parent’s  burnt orange, hooded flower form .

The Digiplexis™ Illumination® ‘Flame’ is a cross between the familiar Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) and a less familiar – but equally beautiful – Isoplexis canariensis.

Canary Island Foxglove

This is the Isoplexis canariensis — the other parent of the Digiplexis Illumination.

It was first seen in 2012 in England where it won the award as the ‘Plant of theYear’ at the 2012 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The Digiplexis has rich, dark green foliage and puts up huge spikes of sculptural flowers blended with pinks, soft orange and cream. The plant does well in shade or sun in areas that don’t get too hot.

Plant growers were snapping this one up due to its showy flowers, ease of growth and long flowering period that continues from spring until late autumn. The plant reaches 3 feet tall and 18 inches in width.  It does well in zones 8 – 11. It is expected to be able to  withstand temperatures down to 10 or 15 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Blooming DIgiplexis

My Digiplexis blooms in a pot at the entry to my home.

For a show stopping new plant in your garden, check out the Digiplexis Illumination. I expect it will be showing up in many garden centers before too long.