garden amphitheater

The edges to this patio have been tiered into an amphitheater with cushioned stone seats.

By adding a wall to a patio you can create a definition of space or even give the space the feeling of an outdoor room. Walls can be low or high, built with solid materials like wood, stone or cement, or created with fabric, woven reeds or made with living plants. They can be solid or can be transparent with spaces to see through. Walls can be open on one or more sides or can be set at different levels.

The materials you choose should reflect the feel or theme of your overall landscape. They should be durable outdoors and easy to maintain. Then plan them to share aesthetic effect with practical use.



  • Try setting up low walls that can double as edging and seating. You can keep the low walls at a comfortable seating height like 18″. Add some cozy cushions for color and softness. Make a patio wall blend or contrast with the same materials you are using in your patio floor.
  • Vary the same idea is to build a partial low wall that edges the patio and turn it into a planter. This way you can create a slightly enclosed feeling that can be decorative with flowers, foliage or productive with herbs or vegetables. Your wall can be straight or curved and can encircle the patio with openings to use for passage, cover just partial perimeters or outline a local event like encircling a barbecue.
  • Build living walls around your patio by hanging growing pocket walls or setting up vertical wall kits. Grow an easy live wall with hedges or flower gardens around the outside edging of the patio hardscape (floor).
  • Or create an artistic illusion of walls by draping wall hangings, shades, or even suspending real windows from the outer edges of a solidly built patio cover.

Creating the feeling of a wall, whether high or low, wide or narrow, short or long, can add a whole new dimension to your patio. You can build a patio wall to be temporary or permanent, living or hardscaped (non-living materials), for effect or practicality. Or you can build a patio wall to be a combination of any of the above. Make your patio special by adding walls!