How to Fix a Pop Up Sprinkler — powered by ehow
Quick fix sprinkler heads
Pop-up sprinkler heads are inexpensive and easy to install. Because of that, they are the most commonly used forms of irrigation for lawns and gardens. Most are made inexpensively with plastic. That means they tend to have a short life span, especially in dry areas where sprinklers are used regularly or where water pressure is high. A broken pop-up sprinkler head can be a big deal if it isn’t noticed early on. Water shooting into the air can erode surrounding soil, will steal away the stream needed to water plantings further down line, and will hike up your water bill fast.
The good news is that these heads are inexpensive to purchase, easily found in hardware and garden stores large and small, and are simple to replace. Check out the video above for instructions on how to handle the problem.
Different designs can be used in laying out an irrigation system. Depending on where the break is and how it occurs, it can take from just a couple of minutes to considerably longer to repair. The head itself is usually just a screw-off-the-old-one and screw-on-the-new deal. But sometimes threads can be worn, connections can be tight or breaks can impact the pipes leading up to the head. Make sure you check the connections and pipes around the replaced sprinkler head to catch any other potential problems.
In most cases, expect the fix to be quick and easy. But it is always wise to give the whole area a check over to avoid unpleasant surprises.