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Enjoy extending your living quarters and entertainment areas outdoors.

Things are changing out there in the backyard. Where once these spaces were water-guzzling lawns, dust bowls or outside storage centers, kitchens and living rooms are transforming yards into elegant outdoor rooms. Who wouldn’t enjoy having more living space? And with all the concerns about health, it’s become clear spending time outdoors offers vitamin D from sunshine, fresh air and even the opportunity for exercise. Outdoor rooms transform useless space into excellent places to cook, to entertain, to play games or to do any of a thousand other things.

For those living with difficult weather conditions, this is an excellent way to use your property without worry about drought or erosion from flooding. A well-built useful space needs little upkeep and is not endangered by weather issues. You can include planting areas that are sheltered from harsh weather to grow some of your favorite plants while adding living accents. Expanding your living space into your yard will increase the utility of your home as well as its resale value. Turning part of your garden into useful living space also cuts down on maintenance. Outdoor rooms need not be mowed, weeded or watered.

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Consider an outdoor room with curtains…

Picture your yard space converted into an outdoor kitchen where you can have a cookout, barbecue, bake fresh bread or enjoy drinks with your friends at your outdoor bar. This kind of kitchen can be built on a budget with a small portable barbecue, a table and chairs, and an overhead shade cover. End of the season sales can buy you some great deals on furniture and grills. Or you can construct a glossy built-in counter with a sunken television, walls of state-of-the-art cooking appliances, special effects lighting, decorative fountains, and expensive furniture – dining table and chairs, sofas, coffee tables and more. Plan your growing areas into your design for both décor and usefulness. You can add planters or pots to grow herbs to be snipped when cooking. Design in garden areas or containers to decorate the room. With protecting structures you can mitigate many weather effects allowing some less resilient plants to grow where a full exposure outside may be lethal in extreme weather. Outdoor rooms can be designed to fit into any budget. The idea is to create the most attractive and functional room you can within the budget you want to spend.

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Decorate a room with plants or even small trees

Outdoor rooms can be all kitchen, part kitchen and part living room or serve any other purpose. Most common these days is to build an outdoor chimney, a fire pit, a chiminea or another attractive structure for heat and comfort. Kitchens and lounges are pretty universally useful additions that adapt well to outdoor living.

Other uses can be an outdoor game room, a bar, a sport or workout room, a child’s play room or anything else that might improve your lifestyle. Other elements that can make your outdoor room look classy and well finished are using outdoor fabrics for drapes, colorful pillows, shades screens or panels. And, of course, don’t forget to soften the look with planters or pots of decorative plants.

Shade roofing can be made with a solid ceiling, lattice, strips of wood, shade cloth or even panels of fabric stretched across the top of the furnished room. Walls can be open, solid or made of living materials as a planted hedge or row of potted plants. However you design it, you can have an exciting addition to your house that is fun, useful and still Eco-friendly – not to mention looking gorgeous!